Eldred Parks and Recreation Overview

Eldred Township is exceptionally fortunate to have an array of open spaces and other public properties which bring beauty to the Township and have the potential to offer its residents a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Read More

Walter W. Mock Park -

In 2006 the Township acquired 54 acres from Jacqueline Mock, in memory of her father-in law Walter W. Mock, PhD (1893-1955) who purchased the property in 1935.  The site primarily contains an existing farm field with adjacent woodlands.  Most of the park will remain preserved as open space, for simple walking trails.  The park is located in the central portion of the township between Church Road and Fiddletown Road.  A portion of the property contains a natural riparian corridor along Princess Run.  The Princess Run supports natural reproduction of wild trout, and as such is highly regarded by local anglers.

Click here for Trail and Path Map of Walter W. Mock Park

The Stone Bridge -

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The Town Square -

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BuckWha Creek Trail -

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