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FTNX sources and enters a contract to buy products only from disclosed ‘suppliers in possession of export-ready products’ directly. FTNX sells such goods to our clients defined as ‘disclosed end buyers’ taking title and possession of purchased goods from FTNX worldwide. The nature of business FTNX has with its suppliers has nothing to do with the business with our customers ( end buyers). We do not conduct business in small shipments as we specialise in very large revolving transactions for both FCL and NBC type of deliveries. We are independent disciplined commodity traders not associated with any other entity, network, or trade agency. Suppliers looking to increase sales, end buyers looking for a product quickly, new exporters and importers entering the market place.etc.etc., are the type of customers we serve. Principals looking for a safe and secure transaction supported by formidable advice are recommended to use our service; as the market place is fraught with danger both for new and seasoned producers, manufacturers and end buyers/users alike worldwide. Even matters of ‘SAR Cov II’ Pandemic needs special added consideration to apply when an active transaction is in play. An end buyer cannot simply wake up one morning, as some and secure monthly deliveries of urgently needed products. To source the ‘right’ supplier offering the right price, could take months alone; completing the transaction could take up to another 6 months thereafter just to receive the first delivery because large complex revolving transactions take time to finalise. Suppliers worldwide with excess stock needing to realise a sale of such goods are also in the same boat, as much time is wasted measured in months or even years testing end buyers before one end buyers ‘might’ be secured. We do not take enquiries from intermediaries who for most of the time have nothing to offer, are ill-informed and lack knowledge and experience in understanding how to apply correct and safe trading procedures.  

FTNX has done all the work prior, often taking years on some transactions to formally conclude. Securing a large revolving contract worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars is our speciality. Principals of the industry will only ever deal with FTNX. For a supplier to take advantage of our services, the offer and price basis made to FTNX must be discounted when compared to speculative prices which only reflect prices in Metric Tons /Barrels rather than the contract value. Any discount we have managed to secure, a large share is passed on as an incentive to our customers–the end buyer, many who trust FTNX on the expert advice we serve due to our very long presence in the market place; hard-earned trust and respect that has taken FTN Exporting decades to acquire. FTNX earns its profit from transparent residual gains, made on the transaction, after paying operational expenses, by working very hard to ensure good fair and proper aspects of business lawfully prevail at all times–on behalf of the undisclosed customers we are privately conducting business with. The nature of the business we have with our suppliers is no business of our end buyers and visa versa. “The buck stops with FTNX. We are defined by law to be ‘the buyer’ to the supplier and ‘seller’ to our end buyers. We are not brokers or intermediaries.”  We seal contracts in our name. Our suppliers receive payment long before the first delivery is initiated, for large revolving or single shipment sales. Our end buyers receive products ‘as ordered’ in goods condition. This is the unconditional fundamental basis that FTNX suppliers and end buyers can expect of which we guarantee. We don’t take shorts cuts and we bind the deal with formidable safe procedures applying only international trade rules and laws to support the sale. 

We have instructed many corporate entities over the years word-wide including many lawyers, bankers and other professional entities accordingly in the overall broader aspect of all business applied under the ‘international trade’ banner, the small patch covering revolving transaction is where FTNX leading and unique expertise can be found. FTNX has a legal obligation, not only to look after its interests but that of the client we serve intently. If a dispute becomes evident on any transaction FTNX works to resolve such issues at all times amicably in the first instance; we will insist on such aspects of resolving disputes in a fair, just and equitable manner–in avoiding any legal action outright; an aspect that is rarely offered by corporation worldwide.We are strict with applying only safe procedures for a common goal and for the benefit of all entities conducting business with FTN Exporting, as we know where ’all the traps are.’ This reason alone reinforces the idea of why such entities should consider doing business with FTNX–on merit.