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International Trade  and Agency Expert, International Best selling Author and Inventor 

Founder: Davide Giovanni  Papa 

FTNX is a Division of FTN Exporting, Australia (FTNX) Est: 1988


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FTN Exporting is a registered business name with ASIC


From: September 1, 2020

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A supplier or end buyer who may be unsure about a contract they are considering entering into may submit a copy of the contract in 'DOCX' form for FTNX to read and later add its expert opinion where warranted. Once served, the contract will be returned within 5 banking days or less with added suggestions marked accordingly. Confidentiality is assured at all times. Please do not send payment. Let us look at the contract first which often leads to an initial reply within 48 hours. If genuine problems are apparent and email will be advised that parts of the contract should be rewritten or amended. Before we commence with adding such changes, a pro forma invoice will be advised. Once payment is made, the document will be returned within 5 banking days with our opinion formally added.  

COST: US$ 2500.00


Whether you are a law firm, banker, end buyer or supplier worldwide needs an immediate answer to trade questions, 3 emails units can be taken; valid for 3 months use. Ask the question by email, and we’ll serve the answer within 48 hours. This prepaid discounted service allows the user to simply send us an email where the reply is served accordingly in where each question has one follow up email reserved once our reply is served. Replies are usually under 500 words or less.

COST: US$ 900.00 (Per 3 email units as served over 3 months commencing once payment has cleared)


 Law firms defending a client from criminal prosecution as it relates to trade deals and proceeds of crime (POCA). FTNX has experience in this aspect in high profile criminal cases. A draft summary of charges and brief is served in expressed form by email. Confidentiality is assured. If we can contribute to the case with some worthy or persuasive arguments, an email and pro forma invoice will be advised. Once payment is secured; our work commences accordingly. We do not serve case law precedents. Our opinion draws not only from current rules and laws but from our vast experience as well. Excludes appearing in court as an expert of the witness. We take a look at the charge(s) and serve only relevant matters that the law firm may have overlooked–for such to examine further. Our opinions often average out at 15 pages, up to 15000 words which takes 2 weeks to assess, evaluate and produce. 

COST : US$ 12,000.00  (at 2 weeks  15,000 words or less. )


An end buyer and supplier in 2 different countries  are ensure of each others intent. Both parties agree to tenure the service of  FTNX as a ‘Deal Conveyancer’ and Mediator. All funds to pay for goods are placed in FTNX Top 100  ranked Australian bank account. The whole  deal travels between  the supplier  and the end buyer  via FTNX. We serve directions and we will be applying strict trading routines and rules.  The buyer  wants  goods delivered as ordered.  The supplier  requires to be paid as per the contract. We will ensure theses event occur safely, legally  and efficiently or no deal will move forward. When the deal closes, FTNX role is complete. FTNX will not  allow payments for goods to eventuate when our directives and routines  have  failed to be observed. We take no favour on either side. Cost for this service is based on a single delivery Revolving deliveries; higher large  applies.

COST: US$ 5000.00 per side per large single delivery deal.


FTNX only consider  to purchase goods on merit as  offered by a supplier.Unless it’s a large revolving transaction , with a good price basis  applying , and a 4 month purchase period, such offers  will be rejected.  


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