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Need a  hand in getting your goods exported. Perhaps  a large stockpile is already on hand? Perhaps you are a  a new exporter? FTN Exporting  can act as a your disclosed  Agent or Broker  in where all our skills are applied to ensure safe dealings at all times. Large contract take time to seal and are not easy to secure even at the best of times.We specialise in very large supply basis  of goods  in stockpile or yet to be harvested or mined. Let us test the market place with our endorsed end buyers/users as we secure new market places beyond Asia. Simply assure us a large supply for  2020 and that’s it. Tell us what countries you do not want us to approach ( if they are already your customers) You will not hear from us once supply is assured (unless the price needs change).  We do the rest. When a sale is to take place an offer to procure from FTNX is considered at that timed becomes legally binding only if accepted. You are only dealing with one entity FTNX at all times  as we bear taking on all inquires as leading respected  world experts and specialists as what we do. If you have your own agents,  then let us act as a Buyer instead. Agent or buyer ? We can help.

Criteria /Supply Quantities 

  • 100 20 FT FCL/Reefers  per month or  more  for a minimum revolving basis monthly for 6 months or more @ ICC Incoterms FCA 
  • 50,000 MT or more @ NBC, 12 months contract or more @ ICC Incoterms FOB 
  • Tell us your minimum  fixed price or variable tracked future price  in USD that you will accept as well as the  preferred price sought.
  • We’ll  secure  best price possible above the minimum price basis  in where the differential of these 2 factors  is split 50/50  between FTNX and Supplier (as our operating expense and gross profit margin)
  • Example: If let say a supply of Wheat is served at a fixed price of US$220.00 min MT FOB where the preferred price is U$226.00 per MT the supplier will receive US$ 223.00 Per MT FOB if sold at $226.00 per MT
  • if we secure the goods at the absolute  minimum price  a commission set rate of US$0.80 per MT is reserved as our minimum commission  rate  for our efforts in securing  the deal.
  • We explain all processes to the supplier once an order is placed.The supplier is dealing  with experts.   
  • We are not associated with export agencies and the likes as FTN exporting  has created the first ever mainstream trading application much respected by all trader world wide.
  • Payment by UCP endorsed  at sight DLC as advised form a local Australian bank.
  • Lawyers for the supplier may make representation of behalf of the disclosed supplier.

 Leave your offer or Assurance of Supply with us for 2020. Nothing is lost with great potential to secure  a large export order that would have not been secured otherwise. Confidentiallity 100% assured.


FTNX is not a free advisory service. Our websites serve goods clear advice about the nature of our business. We are Professional Commodity Traders and leading international  trade educators  as well.we do not lawfully own the goods we trade in. We conduct business on a formidable leading legally defined uniform platform. FTNX Trades in commodities as well as offering educational services to suppliers, buyers, sellers, importers and exporters doing business with us, is also a part of our core businesses one aspect  compliments the other.we are respected leading traders world wide first established  in 1988.  FTNX does not accept phone calls. Initial contact is expressed via email. All matters of business must be expressed in writing. Suppliers and End Buyers please note; a number of social sites, ill informed traders, websites, and trading platforms are using our name to serve impression of a direct FTNX Association. We have no tolerance dealing with  unethical traders. All enquiries must be made directly to FTNX. When contacting FTNX make sure your email text clearly describes what your inquiry is about, otherwise  we will trash the inquiry.If any documents  are attached, we will not open any documents other than PDF.

  • is our email address
  • Our back up email is :
  • Phone Numbers: Not served online. No phone calls taken until be are ready to conduct business with a client.

Our Current Active Website: As from October  2019

  • Private Trading / Business  from 2020: 
  • Educational Study site from September 2019  Expires / Removed  end of 2019)
  • Current educational site 
  • All other  earlier websites pre 2001 even though online are  deemed  inactive.


Even though FTNX is sympathetic  to matters of sanctions,  such sanctions should not  apply in resolving  political issues, the fact of the matter is that  western banking services are not allowed to  act on serving / accepting  financial instruments in support of goods being exported from a country bearing  sanctions with USA, Australia Canada, U.N and other leading economies. A citizen and commodity  trader in a country serving sanctions  cannot use a bank in another country to avoid such matters as most sanction laws also include a provision about serving advice as well.FTNX will not  entertain enquiries from sanctioned countries.Traders  is sanctioned countries  may still trade in other products not originating from their own country or sell goods in their own country to non sanctioned contries. 

FTNX, FTN Exporting , SMICE © 1988-2020 Author Davide Giovanni Papa 

FTN Exporting is a registered business with ASIC. 

Posted: 24 NOV 2019 

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