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The Computer Club meets Monday and Wednesday at Noon in the Music Room (During the winter season).  The time is broken down as follows:   Noon to 1:30 - we start with the "stump Lee" segment where we discuss Computer Problems folks are having - the second segment is a discussion or software Demo by Darel or a Volunteer. From 1:30 to 3PM Rick Johnson conducts a Beginners Class - Please feel free to join any and all sessions at any time. Click on the Club Presentations button for some of the club discussions (scroll to the bottom for the latest stuff)

The Camera/Video Group meets each Monday at 10:00 AM in the music room to discuss Video/Picture taking and computer editing program(s) for same.  We have started a 24 lesson Video "Class" in photography, please feel free to join in anytime.

John Casteel leads the Finance Group at 10AM on Wednesdays.

The Genealogy group, lead by Louisa Durkin and Sue Bye  meets on Friday at Noon. 


The Club Email address is svcomputerclub@yahoo.com  


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