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Savian Consultants

 Information for YOU... The Technology provided by Savian Consultants


Savian Consultants has been providing consulting services since 2004. Savian Consultants started in Florida by providing Information Technology solutions and support for  businesses such as real estate attorneys and real estate agents.

In 2006, Savian Consultants located its main offices to Rhode Island. We bring our top quality support to your business in the Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts areas.


We focus on  providing timely and affordable technical support either on a contract basis or on a per call (flat rate) basis. 

Savian Consultants also provides for the home user. Through  hardware repair and support or assistance with help on use of software such as Microsoft products or Adobe products. We also provide data recovery due to virus attacks or operating system crashes. 

Mission Statement

Savian Consultants is committed to providing all of its clients the quality support they expect while always providing affordable services because if you are not in business then neither are we.



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