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The Pasadena Thorns,
the newest addition to the National Football League's roster of teams. Hosting games at the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena's beautiful Arroyo Seco, The Pasadena Thorns propel the Rose Bowl tradition into the NFL. The Thorns assume and expand the identities of Pasadena, the NFL, the Rose Bowl and, by extension, the entire Pac-10 Conference. Even the Thorns' logo speaks of Pasadena. The helmet is emblazoned with a large (Tournament of Roses) rose superimposed with a large thorn. The rose represents Pasadena and the thorn is the protector of the rose.

Located between the brains of JPL & Caltech complimented with the creativity of Pasadena's Art Center comes the athletics and power of the Pasadena Thorns. Do not confuse The Pasadena Thorns with a Los Angeles NFL franchise or another city's cast-off team. The Pasadena Thorns are a home grown team not saddled with the huge taxpayer burden of a new football stadium. The Rose Bowl, originally designed exclusively for football, is internationally synonymous with football and can remain a football stadium. Playing alternate home games with UCLA, the Thorns solidify Pasadena as the nation's premiere Football City. Last may, Pasadena City Council endorsed a massive Rose Bowl redesign with the hopes of luring a team. It's an interesting premise and an attractive artist's rendering, but is much too big, too costly and needlessly ambitious. The proposed costs start at a half billion dollars and who knows how far it will go up from there? There is absolutely no need for a hollowed out stadium held hostage by massive sky box 'handcuffs' built to accommodate a few corporate 'fans'.

The Pasadena Thorns
fulfill the NFL's dreams
of recapturing the southland football market and local fans' dreams of quality local professional football. It is sometimes said that the NFL will only consider a grossly expensive new stadium with sky level luxury seating and other amenities before they'll sanction a team in the southland. We believe that with a few creative and inexpensive ideas, Pasadena can win the good graces of the NFL.

A better and more workable plan is based in simplicity. Instead of traditional enclosed sky-level luxury boxes, imagine something similar to the luxury boxes found at the Hollywood Bowl. Field boxes would be roomy enough for small parties and much closer to the gridiron action than enclosed sky-boxes at nose-bleed level. Parts of upper rows can be converted into roomy boxed seating too. Make all the stadium's seats roomier and you have a stadium that is comfortable, caters to the luxury fan and reduces the Rose Bowl's attendance capacity to the NFL's specifications.

Another idea is to expand and update the Rose Bowl concourse to allow for additional businesses that would cater to pre-game fans, such as 'The Rose' Beer Garden, Wolfgang Puck's Al Fresco Pizzeria or 'Petals' cafe.

The Pasadena Thorns branding strategy includes a combination of the NFL, Pac-10 and Rowl Bowl identities.

Thor, god of football The Thorns and the 1984 Olympics strategy:
The Olympics' strategy was simple: Use and enhance existing facilities before building new structures. Pasadena has a similar opportunity to host an NFL team without incurring the huge costs of a new stadium. Southland football fans repeatedly demand a fiscally responsible franchise. Led by their mascot, Thor, The Thorns give the fans and the NFL what they want: A team with a built in fan base, low start-up costs, and without taxpayer expense.

Only 8 Sundays a year...
An NFL team schedule requires hosting only 8 home games. The departing L.A. Galaxy soccer hosted more than twice as many games. The Thorns will generate more revenue with less than half of the events.

Community Support.
The Pasadena Thorns' proposal addresses neighborhood concerns and provides fiscal benefits for the Pasadena community. Incentives will help fund vital city health and education services and decrease the neighborhood impact of game day. For example, The Thorns provide game-day conveniences for Rose Bowl neighbors, such as "Pink Dot" style delivery services.

A New Tradition.
Whether known as the 'Pricks of the League' or the 'Boys of the Arroyo', The Thorns are a team that Pasadena and the entire southland can cheer during the NFL season. A team Pasadena can call it's own. Let The Thorns be a vital continuation of the Rose Bowl tradition and the start of a new NFL tradition.

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