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! Courtesy of the Lake Roesiger Store.


 Congratulations to all the cooks! And thanks to Kevin and the Lake Roesiger Store for organizing this fun event.


General Lake Conditions

Water Temp - 70+
Visibility - 10-15ft                       
Kokanee - Active
Trout - Good
Bass - Very Good       
Launch - Open 

Current Weather Forecast





There have been recent break-ins all around the lake. 
Be aware and watch your neighborhood!

All Community Club meetings are held at the Fire Station.

Lake Roesiger Community Club Membership Application

Lake Water Quality

Kristine Feldman, South lake, and Bill & Henri Wilson, North lake, will continue to be volunteer lake monitors for Snohomish County this year. You may see one of them anchored periodically gathering water samples, checking water clarity or oxygen levels. The lake has had great water quality and we are each urged to do our part by having septic systems  functioning well and avoiding fertilizers with phosphates as well as keeping pet wastes picked up for starters. It's an asset to have this monitoring program which allows for early detection of changes!

Don't miss our annual Boat Parades. Forth of July weekend and Christmas.  LOTS of fun for all!