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Curses & Consequences

She was a daughter of darkness. He was a man of God. Could they find happiness together?

Father Michael Wells surveyed the quaint little town he had been assigned. He was unprepared for the unusual inhabitants who confessed their sins, daily. He was totally unprepared for the devastating beauty of the town's Mayor. She teased him, tantalized him and often came close to pulling his soul into the depths of hell. No one confessed or prayed more often than Father Michael. His desire for her grew daily. Her determination to have him was undeniable. Was his faith strong enough to withstand the temptation of the most desirable woman he had ever met?

When evil attacks their town, Father Michael and the Mayor must join forces to save the lives of everyone. As they battle the demons, Father Michael realizes he would rather die with the Mayor than live without her.

Must Be Murder

When the Vatican calls on Father Michael Wills to lead the charge against celibacy, the man of God finds the lives of his wife and children are endangered. A serial killer begins systematically eliminating members of the Catholic Curia. As priests die, their darkest sins are revealed to the public, tarnishing the church and everything Father Michael believes.

Michael and his wife Regina fight to uncover the evil behind the murders before the Pope’s scheduled visit to America. The evil could change Christianity forever and tear apart the commitments Michael and Regina made to each other long ago.


Has to be Homicide
Release date 8/2016

Their love spanned time and galaxies.  Their passion knew no bounds.  Michael and Regina had battled demons and the darkest of human beings in their quest to send their children into the world to save mankind.

They thought the hardest battles were behind them, but that was before Regina found herself elected mayor of a small Texas town populated with "good old boys."

When an explosion causes Michael to suffer acute amnesia, Regina is suddenly faced with winning the heart and trust of a man she has loved for ages.

Has to be Homicide will be released in August, 2016.


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