FIREARM TRAINING and SELF DEFENSE

    For people who choose to own a firearm for defensive purposes, now the
    threshold of  knowledge is even higher. You have chosen to walk among
    the members of our society with an instrument that can save lives, but only
    when used properly and under the right circumstances. Just like an automobile,
    a firearm can be possessed and used safely, or used in a neglectful manner
    with tragic consequences.

    As a result, possession of a firearm for defensive purposes requires hands
    on training with your specific firearm, and knowing the right circumstances
    when it can be used demands that you have an understanding of the laws
    related to your firearms ownership and the legal  justifications for the use of
    that firearm to protect yourself and your family. That is the absolute basic
    minimum of knowledge that you should have.  ....That is what we teach you.


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Low Light Training Class

.... for people that choose to own a firearm, or for people who choose to live with someone who owns a firearm, the situation demands an even higher understanding of how firearms work, and the precautions necessary to safely live with a firearm in your home. Not only do you need to understand firearms in general, you need to have specific knowledge of the operation of that particular firearm that you introduce into your home.

 Safety is a matter of preparedness...