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About this site:

This site is for the people of Mungallala to become part of the journey towards a future where kids can grow, learn, live, go to University, and eventually have a reason to come back and keep the village alive.

Currently, the situation is that Bigpond allow 15 Gb per month pert account, which is patently stupid when folks are trying to raise kids and getting them through high school as well as primary and preschool. They don’t appear to support any other organisations from going in there with satellite services. With such a paucity of access to technology, how can we expect kids to come back and raise families if there is no way for them to participate in the developing world of technology?

The average school kid studying in Year 8 needs around 2 Gb per week to fulfil assignment requirements, so how can anyone suggest that $80 odd dollars per month for 15Gb is anything like fair, when in Brisbane it costs $109 per month for 500 Gb, satellite/wireless technology notwithstanding..

What is needed is accessible, affordable Internet right here in Mungallala, supported by the technology companies who are making a killing by supplying sub-standard access in town.

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Local News:

Country towns in Australia are faced with a challenge, that only their residents can decide if they are up for.

The challenge in the case of Mungallala, firstly, is to be put back on the Maranoa map in terms of sign-posting for travellers heading west from Roma. Once a driver leaves Roma, there are no signs saying how far to Mungallala, only Mitchell, Morven and Charleville. What happened to Mungallala? The fact that there is no fuel or shop, shouldn’t stop travellers from knowing it is there.

In fact there is free camping and facilities (not advertised), there is a pub that offers accommodation and a camping area, there is a library and whilst not full of things to do, there are reasons for someone to stop and sit awhile..

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What’s Coming Up:

On the weekend of the 16th of January, Footprints in the Outback will be providing a PC clinic, to get your computers and notebooks cleaned up and ready for school/work etc.

If you find that your PC is slowing down or has become a pain performance wise, drop it in to the Club Hotel, where we will run basic checks, do a full clean up of the unit, and if you want, we will show you how to do it for the future.

Service will be $20 for family PC’s, $25 for business PC’s and if something major is wrong, the maximum cost per machine on the weekend will be $50.

Apologies for the late notice, but you will see our Nissan X-Trail in Redford Street,outside the pub. Come in and say g’day to Daemon, bring your PC or notebook with you and let’s have a look at it.

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