Coming June 30, 2015


When an alien invasion threatens the existence of all the knowledge in the universe, eighteen-year-old Johanna Charette and seventeen-year-old Jackson Roth must rely on their wits, guts, and pluck to save the fantasy-come-to-life world of the Library of Illumination.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Johanna and Jackson weren’t the ones responsible for breaching the portals to a dozen distant worlds. Now, outside forces are causing shock waves in the space-time continuum, and if that isn’t awful enough, someone from another dimension is trying to steal a book of powerful spells created by a very famous wizard.

At first, traveling to other realms in a time machine seems like a fun perk. However, discovering some inhabitants want to obliterate the teens doesn’t leave them with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Instead, they find themselves forced to sacrifice their own welfare and the safety of their loved ones for the greater good.

Look for it June 30th on Amazon

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One of Ours is One of the Best

Kirkus PNG

Artiqua Press is pleased to announce Chronicles: The Library of Illumination
has been named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2014.


The Overseers Coming August 5, 2014


The Terrorian invasion attempt is still fresh in their minds when Library of Illumination curators Johanna Charette and Jackson Roth are invited to the realm of Lumina for Dean Plato Indelicat’s funeral. 

The teens soon learn there's more to being a curator than meets the eye—some of it good, some of it not so good—and they have to pass muster to keep their positions.

To make matters worse, Johanna finds herself at the center of a bold scheme by Nero 51 to bully his way into the competition for Plato Indelicat’s now-vacant position. She has the ability to save the day, but her actions could result in losing her curator privileges.

Meanwhile, the College of Overseers is committed to being fair and impartial, but its stance could result in the Terrorian infiltration of its inner sanctum.

Available in trade paperback, and in Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo and other ebook formats.

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The Overseers

The Overseers, the next adventure in the Library of Illumination series is set to be released this summer, 2014.

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Starred Review by Kirkus

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Artiqua Press is proud to announce Chronicles: The Library of Illumination has received a starred review by Kirkus Reviews that uses phrases likes “charms and thrills in equal measures” and “literary brilliance,” and concludes with the sentence, “Come for the literary sights and sounds, stay for Pack’s miraculously fine-tuned imagination.”

Kirkus 1
Kirkus 2

Chronicles: The Library of Illumination
will be released on Tuesday April 29, 2014.

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Chronicles: The Library of Illumination

The release date for Chronicles: The Library of Illumination has been scheduled for April 29th, and the book has a brand new cover design by artist Jeanine Henning.


CLOI includes the first five episodes of the Library of Illumination series:”
The Curator; Doubloons; The Orb; Casanova: and Portals.

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A New Logo for Artiqua Press


Artiqua Press is proud to unveil its new logo. This new design (above) is cleaner and fresher and should reproduce more clearly.

As much as we liked our original design (below), reducing its size made it lose its clarity and impact.

*Artiqua LogoSM

Look for our new logo on Portals, a Library of Illumination novella, coming out February 18, 2014.

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The Novelettes

In the spirit of giving...

LOI Doubloon cover 2 in

Fans who don’t wish to wait for Chronicles: The Library of Illumination - a collection of the first five novelettes in the Library of Illumination series - to be released in early 2014, can find the first four segments of that book now available on Kindle. And Book Two - Library of Illumination: Doubloons is being given away as a free Kindle download from December 18 to 22, 2013.

Happy Holidays.

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Evangeline's Ghost Comes to Life

EG Kindle Cover

Westbury, New York, September 17, 2013 — On October 1st, 2013, Carol Pack’s second novel, Evangeline’s Ghost, was released in paperback and Kindle formats. It’s a lighthearted romp through not-too-old New York that includes a visit to Broadway’s Imperial Theatre for a musical starring Ethel Merman, drinks at legendary watering hole Sardi’s, and a ride on the luxurious Ferdinand Magellan—the U.S. President’s private train.

The year is 1946. MI6 operative, Victoria Méliès, finds herself at the Pearly Gates, being assigned to an eternity in Purgatory. Her life-long identity is deemed inconsequential when she learns that forevermore, she will only be known by her code name: Evangeline. However, the always-intrepid WWII spy argues with St. Peter that she must be given the chance to avenge her murder, so she can rest in peace.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." St. Peter has heard it all before, but his decision to ignore her request is overruled, and Evangeline’s ghost ends up in New York City where she stumbles across her old nemesis, con artist Bunny Stanton, who is very much alive and involved in a plot to assassinate President Harry S. Truman.  

When Evangeline embarks on a crusade to save the President's life, she ruffles the feathers of the powers-that-be and soon finds herself in trouble for breaking the "Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Newly-Dead."
Now, instead of earning a place in Heaven, she may find herself on the road to Hell—paved with her good intentions.

Writing as C. A. Pack, the author is a former award-winning journalist and TV news anchor who served for several years as the president of the Press Club of Long Island. She is the author of Code Name: Evangeline (2009), but murdered her favorite character for the good of the author’s career (the character didn’t do so bad, either).

For Interviews contact: Carol Pack at or call 516 333-3325.

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60 Seconds to Publishing Your Novel

A sixty-second primer on self publishing for the intrepid author:

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