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Music :: this is a collection of music related reference pages .... these pages contain quick guides to guitars, studio, synths and midi and recording. the guitar pages are a compendium of chords formulas and theory and scales formulas and theory. guitar tips includes electronics, tuning, action & general care.

football :: As much as I enjoy Formula One , football is a passion. Just two of the better sites for news and results. guardian sport and for world cup fifa and last but not least england

Since you asked . . here are just some of the art stops I can recommend . .

art :: the tate from blake, constable, epstein, gainsborough, gilbert and george, hatoum, hirst, hockney, hodgkin, hogarth, moore, rossetti, sickert, spencer, stubbs and turner. the national another of londons finest. the hayward for something on the edge or classic. since london is one of the most valued and visited cities on the planet these links should prove useful. nhm natural history museum holds the natural history collections of the british museum bm in south kensington. ok, besides the pub and clubs, this part of london is always worth a visit.

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