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Current work

At present, the artist is working on a an experimental film. 

The working title is -'The Glorious In-Between'

Flag revisited


Mixed media piece at the Galway 1916 Exhibition Connacht Tribune Printworks Galway.

April 2016

The artist:    Developing her art practice since 1995, Fifi Smiths her work is exhibited nationally and internationally.  Her current work is in the form of kinetic projection installations, experimental movies, and light boxes.

Concepts:   Her work addresss the blurred and uncertain overlap between between thinking and feeling, and between individuality and conformity.  In these tiny transitions of the human brain, there are no certainties and, therefore, no absolutes. This is the springboard for her work.   

Materials    More recently she works in experimental film, kenitic light works and expanded cinema. 

Although the investigation of concepts is key to her work, the materials used remain fundamental to her drive to communicate, and materiality remains intregal to her practice.