Courtesy turns at the Contra Dance by Robert Reynolds Hewitt
Courtesy Turns at the Contra Dance

by Robert Reynolds Hewitt, (C)2003, used by permission.

Queen City Contra Dancers

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Next Dance: August 20, 2016 CALLER: Joyce Rossbach BAND: Woody and Marsha McKenzie (Virginia) LOCATION: Congregation Shir Shalom, 4660 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY. (Two blocks east of North Forest Rd./NY 277)
Next-Next Dance: September 17, 2016 CALLER: Several Callers BAND: Fried Oatmeal Carol Sheets, Dave Sheets and friends LOCATION: UU Church, 695 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY
Miss the article on participatory dancing in Buffalo in which QCCD appeared? You can still read it and watch the video.
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Men in Skirts FAQ
We are proud to be the first dance organization in cyberspace to explain this popular but baffling dance floor phenomenon. Now has pictures of our favorite guy in skirts! Not for the humor-impaired.

Contra Dance Bibliography
A Queen City exclusive. Way back in 1993, while in library school, our co-founder compiled a bibliography on contra dance research sources. Here it is in original, unimproved form.

The inevitable small print: Queen City Contra Dancers are grateful to Cynthia Van Ness for all of the work she has done in running this website from 1998 to 2010. It is now maintained by Joe Kwiatkowski and a team of QCCD helpers. Queen City regrets the necessity of reminding you that all pages are copyright (C)1998-2013, all rights reserved. No portion of it may be reproduced in any form without permission.
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Summertime. The weather's hot and the dances are few and far between. But, the good news is we can bring in traveling musicians and callers for a special dance experience. Our August dance is Saturday night, August 20. And again, a special treat: our caller for the evening is Joyce Rossbach, and she'll be calling to the traditional music of Woody and Marsha McKenzie from Lynchburg, Virginia. We are at the same place July's dance was held:: Congregation Shir Shalom, 4660 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY. (Two blocks east of North Forest R./NY 277) Some things to know: the hall IS airconditioned. Parking is available behind the hall; entrance to the parking lot is off Sheridan Drive West, in front of the hall. The floor is linoleum; if you are not used to dancing on a harder surface, you may want to wear some softer shoes. Contra-basics at 7:30 PM---bring your friends. Dancing from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Basic Info About Our Dance

Our current schedule and directions

*We dance on 1st and 3rd Saturdays from October to June and 3rd Saturdays only in July and August
*Sometimes we dance on 5th Saturdays,too!
*Most dances run from 8-11 pm
*No partner required. Come alone, or with friends and family, or with a significant other, just come!
*No experience required. Beginners welcome! All dances are taught and walked through.
*No special outfits required. We recommend loose, breathable clothing and clean, flat, soft-soled shoes. Sneakers and Hush Puppies are good. Cowboy boots and high heels are NOT good; not only do those shoes damage wooden dance floors, but they are difficult to move around in, and we do move around!
*General admission: $10.00
Members: $8.00
Students with ID: $6.00
Children under 12: Free
Spectators: A donation to help compensate the band
*All Queen City dances are smoke-free and alcohol-free.
*You are dancing at your own risk at all times.

Some Good Dance Links

*What is contra dance, anyway? (from Wikipedia)

A page devoted to upcoming dances of all kinds in Western New York

*Country Dance & Song Society
The umbrella organization for groups such as Queen City.

*Contra Dance Links for the United States, Canada, and the World
Don't leave town without finding a good dance to visit!

*National Day-of-the-Month Dance Grid
By Ted Crane in Ithaca. If you want to know which cities dance on which day of the month, this is an impressive site.

*An American Ballroom Companion
Dance instruction manuals, c. 1490-1920, online in full text courtesy of the Library of Congress. Added for amusement and research.